The International IoT conference is the leading event of IFIP on research, innovation and application on Internet of Things. This year in its 6th edition hosted at the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex, USA. Since IoT is inherently multidisciplinary, the conference is covering a wide range of topics.

The areas of interest range from communication network protocols and embedded systems to data analytics and machine learning algorithms, but also considering social, legal, ethical, and economic aspects.

All of these aspects are having the objective of enabling a vast array of services in areas like e-health, mobility, energy, manufacturing, smart cities, and agriculture, just to cite a few examples. IoT deployment needs also to take into consideration the security, privacy, and social aspects of networking, which need to be fully investigated to ensure real added value for IoT users.

The IFIP IoT Conferences address this wide variety of topics. Papers show technical advancements, research on major questions, innovation, pilot site results and policy issues. Perspectives are from researchers, users, user organizations, ICT industry, authorities, and regulators.

News & Updates

10 Nov 2023 - Best Paper Awards announced.
5 Nov 2023 - Photo Gallery updated.
25 Oct 2023 - IFIP-IoT 2023 Proceedings Online Access to SpringerLink announced.
23 Oct 2023 - Program Schedule updated.
22 Oct 2023 - Keynote Speaker confirmed: Prof. Prof. Baek-Young Choi , University of Missouri Kansas City.
15 Oct 2023 - Keynote Speaker confirmed: Prof. Prof. Shengli Fu , University of North Texas.
11 Sep 2023 - Keynote Speaker confirmed: Prof. Kamalakanta Mahapatra, National Institute of Technology, Rourkela.
30 Aug 2023 - Keynote Speaker confirmed: Prof. Srinivas Katkoori, University of South Florida.
20 June 2023 - Program Schedule announced.
30 May 2023 - Venue & Hotel information announced.
01 Apr 2023 - Sponsorship announced.
25 Mar 2023 - Registration announced.
01 Mar 2023 - Call For Papers SRF announced.
28 Feb 2023 - Call For Papers RDS announced.
31 Jan 2023 - Call For Papers announced.


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